The collaboration involves placing Evergreen's containers on X-Press Feeders' groundbreaking fleet of dual-fuel ships, powered by green methanol.

X-Press Feeders aims to operate these environmentally friendly vessels within Europe, ushering in the region's first feeder network fueled by green methanol. Initially centered at the Port of Rotterdam, the dual-fuel ships will serve ports in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. Over the long term, the 14 dual-fuel ships, slated for delivery from 2024 Q2 through mid-2026, will be strategically deployed within Europe and the Mediterranean.

Robot ships are evolving following new investments Robot ships are evolving following new investments

In a significant move towards sustainability, X-Press Feeders has already secured a firm contract with Dutch fuel supplier OCI Global for the provision of ISCC-EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified green methanol. This bio-methanol, derived from the decomposition of organic matter such as waste and residues, stands as a renewable energy source.

Francis Goh, COO of X-Press Feeders, emphasized the pioneering nature of their dual-fuel vessel approach, emphasizing the urgency to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets.

"A significant step is needed today to achieve GHG emission reduction targets"

Goh stated, "We are taking delivery of our vessels sooner, rather than later, knowing that significant steps are needed today to achieve GHG emission reduction targets. Our collaboration invites various stakeholders, including port operators, fuel suppliers, logistics companies, freight-forwarders, and beneficial cargo owners, to join us on the journey towards more sustainable shipping. Together, step by step, we can accomplish much more."