Powered by LNG dual-fuel and equipped with advanced environmental protection technologies, these vessels meet the stringent TIER III emission standards set by the International Maritime Organization. Compared to traditional fuel oil RoRo vessels, they save approximately 20% in energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions by about 27%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 30%, sulfide emissions by 99%, and particulate matter emissions by over 90%.

London based rotor sail company appoints new commercial director London based rotor sail company appoints new commercial director

On a typical round trip between China and Europe, using LNG as fuel can cut CO₂ emissions by more than 2,100 tons per voyage, which is equivalent to the CO₂ absorption of 10,000 adult trees over 20 years.

At the dock, new commercial vehicles from brands like BAIC, Liuzhou Motor, BYD, and CHERY are carefully loaded onto these RoRo vessels for transport to Europe. The vessels feature real-time monitoring of vehicle status and precise positioning throughout the entire journey, including temperature and condition in the cabin, with high temperature warnings and ultra-high temperature alarms.

To handle the large-scale and heavy characteristics of new energy vehicles, Yuanhai Car Ship and Ship Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed special 3-ton lashing straps, receiving two Chinese patent certificates for "Appearance Design" and "Utility Model." These innovations improve operational efficiency and support the large-scale export of new energy vehicles.