Environmental concerns rise as ammonia emerges as marine fuel Environmental concerns rise as ammonia emerges as marine fuel

The MOL Group’s environmental strategy, outlined in “MOL Group Environmental Vision 2.2,” along with the MOL Sustainable Finance Framework, was recognized by Tokyo Century for its contributions to addressing sustainability challenges. This recognition facilitated the conclusion of the lease agreement, which includes sustainability performance targets that align with the group's environmental strategy. The lease payments will be reduced based on the achievement of these targets.

Tokyo Century, acting as an enabler, has established Japan’s first “Sustainability Linked Finance and Transition Linked Finance Framework” to support this initiative under a Japanese Operating Lease with Call Option (JOLCO). This project marks the first use of the framework.

Environmental strategy is a cornerstone of the MOL Group’s management plan “BLUE ACTION 2035,” with a focus on “marine and global environmental conservation” as one of its key sustainability issues. MOL is dedicated to addressing environmental challenges through collaboration with stakeholders, aiming to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. The company will continue to pursue sustainable financing through this framework to support its fundraising efforts.