bound4blue to launch first wind propulsion for newbuilding bound4blue to launch first wind propulsion for newbuilding

This strategic initiative positions MT Chemical Challenger as the world's first chemical tanker equipped with sustainable wind technology. The vessel, part of Chemship's advanced fleet of stainless steel chemical tankers, is set to play a pivotal role in the company's Trans-Atlantic route between the East Coast of the United States and the Mediterranean.

The transformation took place this week as four 16-meter-high aluminum wind sails, known as VentoFoils, were installed on the 134-meter-long vessel. Developed by Dutch company Econowind, these sails create a direct wind surface of 180 m 2. Utilizing smart vacuum technology, the force of the wind is quintupled, resulting in a gross wind surface of 900 m 2 – equivalent to an imaginary sail measuring 30 by 30 meters.

Chemship anticipates a significant environmental impact with this innovative technology, targeting an average CO2 reduction of 10% through the use of these turbo sails.

Chemship sees the project as part of the company's green vision "Setting Sail Toward Sustainable Shipping". The company, known for transporting liquid chemicals in bulk, operates globally with a focus on routes connecting the Eastern Mediterranean to Northwestern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean to the US.