TCG Derya, TCG İstanbul, TCG Arif Ekmekçi, and Marlin SİDA were handed over to the Turkish Navy with a ceremony at the Sefine Shipyard. Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdoğan said, "Our naval power is increasing with our ships."

 Experience the grand unveiling at Sefine Shipyard on January 19, 2023, where the first I-class frigate, TCG Istanbul (F-515), took center stage alongside the cutting-edge fleet oiler TCG DERYA, logistics ship TCG Ütğm. Arif Ekmekçi, and the groundbreaking unmanned surface vessel, MARLIN.

MARLIN SİDA (TCB 1101) made history as the inaugural Armed Unmanned Naval Vehicle to join the Turkish Naval Forces inventory. Notably, TCG DERYA (A-1590) also stands as the Turkish Navy's Second Largest Ship and is the pinnacle of national design.

Highlights of President Erdoğan's speech at the ceremony: "We believe that each of our ships delivered will add more strength to the power of our Naval Forces. TCG Derya, our replenishment combat support ship at sea, is the largest ship after TCG Anadolu. With the commissioning of TCG Derya, the fuel and water supply of the troops will be carried out rapidly, and the fuel and water needs of the combatant elements will be easily met in areas close to the operational area.

As is known, TCG Istanbul, the fifth ship of the MİLGEM project, is the first national frigate produced by Turkey with indigenous means. We have developed and integrated different radar, close air defense, and electronic warfare systems into this ship with our own resources. One of the systems integrated into TCG Istanbul is the national vertical launcher launching system.”

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Yaşar Güler, Minister of National Defense, also stated his thoughts during the ceremony, and said,

"On this path, we set out with the goal of fully independent Turkey in every field, our country has reached a self-sufficient position in many platforms, especially in the defense industry, with the technology move initiated by using our domestic and national resources. Our glorious army, equipped with our domestic and national weapon systems, has assumed active roles in a wide geography, while our country has become a global actor that has increased its influence in the international arena as the architect and an indispensable member of the negotiation tables. In addition, it is a source of pride that our systems, which we design and produce with our own means and which prove themselves in the field, are recognized in the international arena and increase their brand value day by day."

Some Greek social media sources shared the details which belong to the ceremony by arguing Turkish threat to Greece.

It is said on a social media post:

"Inclusion of Frigate ISTANBUL (F515), 2 General Support Ships and the first manned surface vessel in the Turkish Navy today.

Zoom in on the image and carefully observe on the ship's coat of arms the projectile that is launched to the west, striking Crete."