The U.S. Central Command has confirmed the attack, revealing that the missile was fired from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen, posing a threat to international shipping lanes.

The targeted vessel, the Maltese-flagged M/V Zografia, reported sustaining a hit but remains seaworthy, continuing its transit without any reported injuries.

The missile can be seen on video it hits the vessel's foreship.

The incident occurred approximately 100 nautical miles northwest of Saleef, Yemen, on January 16. Remarkably, despite a significant explosion, crew members on deck can be seen escaping the blast unharmed.

The MT Zografia, not carrying cargo at the time, was en route from Vietnam to Israel. Following the attack, the Greek-owned cargo ship altered its course, originally bound for Suez, and diverted to port.

This latest strike marks an escalation of the conflict beyond the Red Sea, with the recent attack on the Gibraltar Eagle container ship in the Gulf of Aden.

Despite reports of the missile hitting the cargo hold without causing significant damage, concerns persist about the Houthi militia's continued threat to commercial shipping.