Since January, the Houthi group from Yemen has been targeting ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden using drones and missiles, mostly in support of Palestinians and against Israel amid conflict in Gaza.

Despite threats to attack ships in the eastern Mediterranean, they haven't shown they can do so beyond these waters. The group's spokesman warned Israel against actions in Gaza and claimed casualties from US and UK strikes since January.

Five Indian sailors released from MSC Aries in Iran Five Indian sailors released from MSC Aries in Iran

They've also threatened ships linked to Israel, the US, and the UK, making the southern Red Sea risky for Western vessels. This forces ships to detour around Africa instead of using the Suez Canal, increasing travel time and costs.

While American and British airstrikes have weakened the Houthis, they can still target ships. Experts predict the Red Sea may remain dangerous for months due to their continued threat.

The Houthis receive support from Iran, which aids their ability to target ships, but most successful attacks have been closer to Yemen.