Anticipating a project completion by fall 2028, the state's Department of Transportation asserts that this cost estimate aligns with the complexity and scale of such endeavors.

The tragic collision of the MV Dali cargo ship with the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26 claimed the lives of six individuals, prompting swift action from lawmakers. Congress is actively drafting legislation to waive the state's 10% rebuilding cost requirement and ensure sufficient funding from federal sources.

In response to the crisis, Maryland has announced plans to solicit proposals for the bridge's reconstruction by the end of May, with an industry forum scheduled for Tuesday to engage stakeholders and gather insights.

Rising Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Signal Intense Hurricane Season Rising Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Signal Intense Hurricane Season

The Department of Transportation (US) has allocated an initial $60 million from its emergency fund to expedite debris clearance and commence bridge reconstruction. Senator Brian Schatz, chair of the transportation funding subcommittee, has pledged full support to Baltimore's rebuilding efforts.

Senator Chris Van Hollen emphasized that funds recovered from legal actions related to the incident will be returned to federal taxpayers, underscoring a commitment to accountability and restitution.