World’s first wind-powered chemical tanker to sail out World’s first wind-powered chemical tanker to sail out

Meet the Astrid Maersk, a brand-new containership set to make waves in 2024. Named by Liza Uchida, spouse of Nissan Motor Corporation's CEO, this vessel is the second of 18 innovative ships designed to run on methanol, a cleaner fuel option.

Built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea, the Astrid Maersk boasts a capacity to carry 16,000 containers and is powered by a special dual-fuel engine from MAN Energy Solutions, enabling it to operate using methanol.

Scheduled to start its service on the AE12 route connecting Asia and Europe in April, this ship marks a significant step in Maersk's commitment to reducing emissions. The company plans to have a total of 25 methanol-powered container carriers by the end of the decade.

These efforts are part of Maersk's larger goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. They've already made history by christening the world’s first green methanol-powered containership, the Laura Maersk, in Copenhagen, Denmark, earlier on.

With this fleet renewal program, Maersk aims to significantly decrease CO2 emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable maritime industry for the future.