Crafted by CIMC Raffles for Boqiang Heavy Industry, this vessel, the first of the 3060 series, introduces groundbreaking capabilities, designed to operate in waters up to 70 meters deep.

The "Boqiang 3060" sets itself apart by claiming the top spot in China for deck variable load and crane lifting capacity. This trial signals a leap forward in offshore wind turbine installation, showcasing China's dedication to bolstering its wind power infrastructure and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

As the latest addition to China's offshore wind turbine installation vessels, the "Boqiang 3060" boasts impressive specifications, measuring 133 meters in length with a total variable load of 11,000 tonnes. Notably, it can transport and install three sets of 16 MW offshore wind turbines, distinguishing itself as the sole new-generation wind power installation ship capable of transporting the entire tower barrel within China.

Chan Chanyong, Project Manager of "Boqiang 3060" at CIMC Raffles, emphasized its capabilities, stating, "Its maximum lifting weight is 2,200 tonnes, with a maximum lifting height of 160 meters above the deck and 200 meters above the water surface, meeting the future needs of 20 MW offshore turbine installation."

According to China Media Group (CMG), out of the 130 wind power installation vessels globally, over 100 are manufactured in China. With the expansion of deep-sea offshore wind farms, "Boqiang 3060" addresses the rising demands for large water depth, massive fans, and high-efficiency operations.

This vessel significantly enhances installation efficiency and adaptability under challenging sea conditions, ensuring an annual operating window of more than 200 days.