This development follows the recent sale of 21.3 million shares in Edda Wind by Østensjø Wind AS. Fredriksen's Geveran Trading Co. Limited seized the opportunity and acquired 10,283,869 shares, boosting its total holdings to 34,850,000 shares, equivalent to 31.03% of Edda Wind's issued shares and votes.

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Previously, the largest shareholder was Wilhelmsen New Energy AS, a subsidiary of Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding AS, which secured 6,340,000 shares, while EPS Ventures Ltd acquired 4,676,131 shares. With this latest acquisition, Wilhelmsen now holds 31.02% of Edda Wind's shares and votes, while EPS owns 20.09%.

The transaction, valued at NOK 521,850,000 (approximately USD $47.5 million), saw shares traded at NOK 24.50 per share. Geveran Trading, indirectly controlled by trusts established by Fredriksen for his immediate family's benefit, demonstrated strong confidence in Edda Wind's future prospects through this investment.

Edda Wind, renowned for its specialization in Service Operation Vessels (SOV) and Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV) for offshore wind farms worldwide, expressed optimism regarding the transaction. They view it as a testament to shareholders' faith in the company's trajectory and anticipate that it will streamline the company's ownership structure.

Currently owning and operating six vessels with an additional eight under construction, Edda Wind remains poised for further expansion and innovation within the offshore wind sector