The vessel, Rubymar was struck by Houthi missiles on February 18 in the Gulf of Aden, resulting in severe damage.

MSC Aries raided by Iranian commandos near Strait of Hormuz MSC Aries raided by Iranian commandos near Strait of Hormuz

Due to adverse weather conditions, including strong winds and waves, the ship has drifted from the Gulf of Aden towards the coast of Mocha, overlooking the southern Red Sea near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

The ship is currently positioned 16 miles (25.7 kilometers) from the western coast, opposite the city of Mocha.

Yemeni officials, after a site visit, have expressed concerns about the Rubymar's precarious situation. Governor Al-Hassan Taher of Al Hudaydah warned that the vessel is on the verge of sinking due to water leakage into the engine room.

This poses a significant environmental threat, with potential catastrophic consequences for marine life and the livelihoods of over 90% of the population in Al-Hudaydah province, who rely on fishing.

The Yemeni government is collaborating with relevant authorities to safely remove the ship from regional waters and avert the impending environmental disaster.

The Rubymar, carrying substantial amounts of ammonia and oil, was targeted by the Houthis, as reported by the official Yemeni news agency Saba. The British Embassy in Yemen has strongly condemned the attack, highlighting the potential for another environmental catastrophe.

The vessel is now at risk of leaking into the Red Sea, prompting a call for the Houthis to cease their attacks.