On March 16th, the ship YM Witness, which is rented by Yang Ming, accidentally crashed into the dock and several huge cranes at Evyap port in Turkey. Videos caught the ship coming in too fast at a wrong angle, causing it to slam into the dock. This smash started a chain reaction, knocking over one crane after another like dominoes. Some of the containers even ended up in the sea.

Hong Kong's port faces declining cargo amidst competition Hong Kong's port faces declining cargo amidst competition

Right now, the ship's owner and maritime officials are looking closely into what went wrong. Although it was first thought that someone at the port was badly hurt, Yang Ming has now said that fortunately, nobody was injured in the chaos. Also, there's been no harm to the ocean or environment because of this.

The YM Witness was on its way between the Far East and the Mediterranean when this happened. It's still in Turkey while everyone figures out what to do next. The company that operates the ship is trying to sort out new plans for the ship's journey and how to get the cargo to where it needs to go.