This innovative creation seamlessly blends superyacht opulence with submarine stealth, marking a significant milestone in maritime engineering.

"Future of yachting"

Migaloo's European private submersible yacht division has meticulously crafted the M5, positioning it as the forefront of underwater luxury. With many enthusiasts dubbing it the "future of yachting," this high-end hybrid vessel offers a four-week underwater journey, promising unparalleled security and exclusive opportunities for secluded exploration.

It emerges as the ultimate sanctuary for discerning adventurers and affluent billionaires seeking a unique and private retreat.

Christian Gumpold, CEO and founder of Migaloo, envisions Submersible Superyachts as the future of yachting. Despite the AUD 3 billion construction cost, Migaloo faces challenges in garnering buyers, primarily attributed to safety concerns.

Gumpold emphasizes the necessity for visionary billionaires with an innovative mindset and reveals ongoing negotiations with potential buyers.

"Extraordinary levels of experiences"

Gumpold highlighted to The Times that Migaloo's target audience comprises forward-thinking billionaires, whether experienced in superyachts or not, who crave extraordinary levels of exclusivity, safety, adventure, and unique experiences.

He indicated, "We are negotiating with a number of interested parties from all over the world who are motivated to own the world’s first superyacht-submarine hybrid." Migaloo's M5 stands as a testament to the intersection of luxury, innovation,