Could you talk about what WISTA is and its activities?

WISTA is an organization dedicated to uniting women employed in the maritime sector. It serves as a platform for women across various sectors of the maritime industry to come together, fostering opportunities for business collaboration, development, networking, and solidarity.

Established in London in 1974 and later in Turkey in 2009, WISTA International has a presence in 55 countries worldwide, boasting a membership of 4,500.

The association collaborates globally within the maritime field, facilitating the exchange of information, examination of new regulations, and discussion of evolving industry issues.

We know WISTA does more…

WISTA Turkey endeavors to connect knowledgeable and competent individuals with industry professionals through free seminars. We provide support to our members in pursuing innovations and employment opportunities. Our goal is to cultivate a more conscious and robust younger generation by welcoming young people into our community.

In which fields do women prefer working in the maritime industry? Is the trend changing day by day?

Recent trends, especially in our association's applications, reveal a growing interest in maritime law among female professionals. While women are increasingly present in managerial roles and legal positions, this progress is more notable onshore than in the field. Decision-making roles in management, legal positions, and shipyards are areas where women are gaining prominence.

What kind of difficulties do women meet in the maritime sector currently?

Seafaring is inherently challenging, stressful, and risky. Women's attention to detail, perceptiveness, and organizational skills contribute to their success in this demanding profession.

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A significant challenge for women in the maritime sector is securing employment opportunities. Few companies provide jobs for female graduates from maritime schools, particularly in roles involving ships and shipbuilding. The scarcity of job and advancement prospects is particularly pronounced for female officers, especially those working at sea.

What does WISTA do to leave behind obstacles for women?

We aspire to witness more women actively engaged in seafaring from within the industry despite of difficulties.

As an association, we extend scholarships to female students enrolled in maritime faculties, demonstrating our commitment and support for their endeavors.

WISTA advocates for diversity within the maritime, trading, and logistics sectors, empowering women to take leadership roles by leveraging their distinct perspectives and skills. The organization firmly believes that gender diversity is crucial for ensuring a sustainable future for the international shipping industry.