It was learned that after repairing the water leaks on the ship, Atav sent a message to his girlfriend saying, "Now we are going to sleep." Additionally, it was noted that he promised to settle the debts of his friend Doğuşcan Yaylak, an oiler and electrician planning to leave the ship, and bring him along after becoming the chief engineer.

MV Abdullah released by Somali pirates after 32 days in captivity MV Abdullah released by Somali pirates after 32 days in captivity

It has been revealed that Ahmet Atav, the 22-year-old engineering intern on the sinking ship, has dreamed of a career in the maritime profession since childhood.

Atav, who shared photos taken at a young age from his social media accounts, attracted attention when he posed at the helm of ships at the age of 9-10. Ahmet Atav, who started his professional career in shipping just 1.5 years ago, was submerged into the dark waters of the Marmara along with his "career dream" for many years.

It was revealed that the chief engineer-machinist Murat Çalışkan was getting married in a month. Two days before the incident, the oiler and electrician Doğuşcan Yaylak, who left the ship, stated that Atav wanted him to stay on the ship, but he left knowing the condition of the ship.

Yaylak stated that Atav decided to continue working with the intention of paying off his debts, planning to become a chief engineer in the future and take Yaylak with him. Yaylak also shared that Çalışkan is engaged and his wedding is scheduled for a month later.