The vessel was confiscated in 2022 in Fiji, where it was docked, with US prosecutors alleging Kerimov violated sanctions by using the US banking system for the yacht's expenses. The Amadea has since been harbored in San Diego.

Recent court filings reveal that federal prosecutors are now seeking permission from a judge to sell the superyacht, citing excessive costs to taxpayers. The government has reportedly spent around $20 million on maintenance, with monthly expenses totaling approximately $922,000. This includes $600,000 for general maintenance, $144,000 for insurance, and an additional $178,000 for occasional dry docking fees.

According to an appraisal by the US Marshals Service, the Amadea is valued at $230 million. Prosecutors argue that an interlocutory sale could alleviate the burden on taxpayers, describing the current expenses as "excessive."

Eduard Khudainatov and Millemarin Investments, who have claimed ownership of the superyacht, oppose the sale. They argue that the judge should delay the decision until their motion to dismiss the civil forfeiture complaint is resolved. The claimants acknowledge the high cost of maintaining the Amadea but emphasize their willingness to reimburse the government for these expenses in exchange for the yacht's return. They assert that the government's decision to seize the vessel was wrongful, and the financial burden should not fall on US taxpayers.

However, prosecutors contend that waiting for a decision on the motion to dismiss could further escalate costs, prolonging the government's financial responsibility for the upkeep of the vessel.