The port, set to be established in the coming weeks, aims to receive large ships carrying essential supplies such as food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters.

The causeway construction and on-land aid security details remain unclear, raising questions about the operation's overall success. Initial shipments will arrive via Cyprus, with Israeli security inspections taking place.

President Biden emphasized the importance of Israel's cooperation, urging the country to allow more aid into Gaza and ensure the safety of humanitarian workers amid the conflict.

The announcement comes in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in the region, with over 30,800 people reported killed and a dire need for assistance.

While plans include a temporary pier built by the 7th Transportation Brigade, based in Virginia, the execution timeline and security measures are yet to be fully defined.

Some experts argue that delivering aid by land remains the most effective method, emphasizing the need for security and a robust distribution network for safe and efficient aid delivery.

As diplomatic efforts continue, President Biden expressed his commitment to working towards an immediate six-week ceasefire, aiming to address the humanitarian crisis and facilitate negotiations for the release of hostages.

However, Hamas, the armed group in Gaza, has not reached a ceasefire deal during talks in Cairo, complicating the situation further.