In the previous week, FocuSeaTV visited Bosphorus Boat Show feeling the pulse of the Turkish medium-sized boat industry amidst thousands of passionate boat lovers. During the first moments, we arrive at the exhibition, display skills of the growing industry, and crowded booths blind us with broad enthusiasm.

According to the report which was published by Ship and Yacht Exporters Association of Turkey, it was built BN 1.727 $ worth of boats in Turkey in the last 12 months. However, the exhibition consisted of mostly domestic players who were willing to extend their shares abroad.

The exhibition held by Yacht and Boat Industry Association (YATED), with around 300 members, since 2000 -YATED- and one of the largest NGOs in the sector, caused debates between exhibition cartels and the association. Consequently, YATED obtained the exhibition’s trade rights after efforts.

We demand that our readers are going to have an overview of Turkish medium-sized boat industry which produces their own boats in their workshops as we visit the exhibition.

Skilled players have different characters

We visited firstly the booth of Sancak Yachts, with around 100 employees, it has been providing services for 18 years, producing approximately 160 to 170 boats annually across four different models ranging from 6.50 to 9.20 meters. Recently delivering to countries like Bulgaria and South Korea, Sancak Yacht specializes in crafting mid-range sport boats with a mix of fishing and yacht comfort.

Sancak Yachts - SVT 7.20 Aegean.

Their models can be seen in the link

Secondly, our team visited another brand. Score Boats' origin dates back to the 1982-founded GEPA Shipyard. After joining ONURSAN in 2019, they began producing pleasure boats from 2023 onwards. Their models, SCORE FISKER 210 HT and SCORE EXTREME 340, boast customizable luxury yacht designs with 50 years of knowledge and security experience.

Score Boats - EXTREME 340

Their models can be seen in the link

Challenges ahead of Turkish boat industry

Erhan Görnü, Founder of TENDR Yachts, a Dutch brand specializing in developing, designing, and building polyester tender (day) boats, acknowledges the unique challenges faced during the pandemic. Despite a surge in boat sales in both Europe and Turkey during the pandemic, Görnü points out the significant obstacle of excessive marina price hikes. He identifies Poland as Turkey's main competitor in yacht production and envisions Turkey as unbeatable against Euro-using countries if existing industry challenges cease.

TendR 20

Their models can be seen in the link

Looking of 36 Matrix

Administrative coordinator, Peren Süer Aktan says that Moonday Yachts was founded in 1956 in the heart of the ship and boat building industry at the Golden Horn. Moonday Yachts has been a key player in the Turkish maritime industry for years. Recently stepping into the luxury segment with the 36 Matrix model, Moonday Yachts adds luxury to its existing line of sport boats. The 36 Matrix, showcased at a recent fair, is customizable according to user preferences. Administrative Coordinator Peren Süer Aktan expresses their ambition to capture the rising trend of 100% electric boats in Europe with a new North-inspired Catamaran model.

Peren Süer Aktan notes, "Our strong and dynamic boats, with well-balanced designs and excellent composite manufacturing, have garnered attention. We maintain our commitment to providing a significant user experience, making a lasting impression after their initial boat experiences."

Moonday Yachts - 36 Matrix.

Their models can be seen in the link

YouTube influences new clients

Co-founder Tuna Deniz recounts CEO Marin's journey, starting as a Honda Marine dealer almost 50 years ago and now producing their own boats in Bodrum and Göcek. Tuna Deniz highlights their goal to export to the United Arab Emirates and the Far East in the near future. CEO Marin also offers boat maintenance, cleaning, and winter storage services in addition to boat production.

Tuna Deniz reflects on the increased demand post-pandemic, attributing it to people discovering and exploring their interest in maritime life, influenced by YouTube videos and other social media content. This surge has led to the emergence of local boat manufacturers.

CEO 761 - CEO Marin.

Their models can be seen in the link

From furniture to yachting

Furkan Avcı, General Manager of Hunters Yacht, discusses the positive reception of their yacht model, M40 Coupe. Before the pandemic, the company primarily focused on crafting furniture and home decor. Recognizing growth potential and driven by a passion for excellence, the decision was made to enter motor yacht production. The fusion of advanced technologies and design led to the successful creation of the first prototype yacht, exceeding expectations during sea tests.

Hunters Yacht - M40 Coupe

Their models can be seen in the link

Global market plans

Serkan Civelek, Manager at 4K Marin, shares his maritime passion and the positive impact of the pandemic on boat demand. Despite foreseeing a market decline due to rising costs in Turkey, the company has produced a considerable number of boats and aims to optimize its products before expanding abroad. Serkan Civelek mentions producing 60 units of 7-meter and 70-80 of 5.55-meter boats. He also states that They primarily focus on boot Düsseldorf.

7 Weekend 4K Marin

Their models can be seen in the link

Despite being a relatively new player, Falcon Yachts gained significant attention at the Bosphorus Boat Show. Co-founder Erol Dakni reveals plans to consider entering the global market with offers received from abroad. Erol Dakni explains their F42 model with a Yanmar 440Hp 3300 Rpm SternDrive Diesel Motor with 6 Cylinders (2 pieces), emphasizing years of relentless pursuit of perfection. He states that the Global Market is going to be a spot for Falcon Yachts to reach after obtaining perfection.

Falcon Yachts - F-42 Lobster

Their models can be seen in the link

At the end of the exhibition, we recall the Turkish boat industry is setting sail toward global recognition with its remarkable achievements, determination, and craftsmanship. From established players to newcomers, each actor is considering expanding their operation abroad to make Turkey a prominent player in the international boat market. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic and increased demand, the Turkish Middle-Size Boat industry has a huge potential that we will witness later.