The Turkish Trade Ministry announced a ban on the shipment of certain items, including materials with potential military use like cement, steel, iron, and aluminum. This decision comes after Israel refused a request by the Turkish Air Force to drop aid packages into Gaza, sparking criticism from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

China says stop but Houthis keep going China says stop but Houthis keep going

Thousands of protesters expressed their discontent with Erdogan's stance on trade with Israel, especially amidst the conflict with Hamas in Gaza. This discontent follows Erdogan's recent setback in local elections, where critics highlighted his approach towards Israel.

The trade restrictions will remain until Israel declares an immediate ceasefire and ensures unhindered humanitarian aid flow to Gaza.

In response, the Manufacturers Association of Israel emphasized the importance of reducing dependence on Turkish goods for national resilience.

Trade between Turkey and Israel has already declined, with exports from Turkey to Israel dropping by 28% during the first five months of the conflict. This rift highlights ongoing tensions between the two countries, despite efforts to improve relations in the past.

The conflict has also impacted the fragile relationship between Turkey and Israel, which had seen some improvement after years of strained ties following a deadly Israeli raid on a Turkish flotilla to Gaza in 2010.