With a fortune amassed from mining royalties, Palmer's passion project has seen several iterations since its inception in 2012.

Despite setbacks caused by the pandemic and legal battles with governments, Palmer has persisted with his ambitious vision. Now, as the world emerges from the pandemic and cruise ships return to sea, Palmer has reignited his dream of resurrecting the Titanic.

The plans for Titanic II closely resemble previous designs but have been updated to meet current regulations. Seeking bids from shipbuilders in Europe, Palmer aims to commence construction in early 2025.

The proposed ship will mirror the original Titanic's dimensions but with modern amenities and safety features. Passengers will have the option to dress in period attire, although it's not mandatory.

With a capacity of 2,345 passengers across nine decks and 835 cabins, Titanic II will offer an immersive experience, including communal dining reminiscent of the original voyage.

Palmer envisions Titanic II not only as a tribute to history but also as a symbol of peace. He believes the ship can foster goodwill between nations, offering a unique opportunity for people to fulfill their dreams of sailing on the iconic vessel.

Despite the tragic legacy of the original Titanic, Palmer is determined to create a new chapter without disaster. As he once said, "Titanic II will be the ship where those dreams come true."