A video showcasing a groundbreaking vessel created by Taiwan's Lungteh Shipbuilding Company has captivated audiences across the island.

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In the footage, the firefighting ship undergoes a remarkable test where it is deliberately flipped upside down in the water, only to swiftly self-right in under 10 seconds. This impressive feat, often seen in smaller lifeboats, has garnered significant attention.

Referred to as a "roly-poly" by numerous articles, drawing parallels to a tumbling toy, the ship has been specially commissioned by an undisclosed foreign client.

Renowned as a prominent private shipyard, Longde Shipbuilding Company is headquartered in Neihu, Taipei, with its Yilan County facility serving as a vital shipbuilding hub. The company has contributed to the construction of patrol boats for the Coast Guards of Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan.

In recent years, Longde Shipbuilding Company has achieved national shipbuilding standards, successfully completing projects for various types of warships, including the Tuojiang ship, fast minelayer, and Tajiang ship for the Chinese Navy.