This brings the tally of shipping disruptions reported by Reuters to a significant fifteen, marking a spike in incidents following the U.S.-led strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen last week.

Among the vessels altering their courses, the Torm Innovation, Proteus Harvonne, and Alfios I have noticeably opted to steer away from the traditional Suez Canal route. Instead, they are opting for the more extended journey around Africa's Cape of Good Hope for their voyages destined for Europe and the United States.

Baltimore incident sends shockwaves through U.S. coal exports Baltimore incident sends shockwaves through U.S. coal exports

In a parallel move, the Pacific Julia and STI Topaz are set on a direct course for the Cape Route, signaling a strategic shift in maritime navigation.

From the opposite side of the Suez Canal, the Octa Lune executed a U-turn in the northern part of the Red Sea on January 12, retracing its path to the Mediterranean with a cargo of naphtha bound for Taiwan.

The tankers, as observed by Reuters on Friday, either opted for the elongated Cape route or temporarily halted their progress in the Gulf of Aden or the northern Red Sea.