According to the shipping professor, concerns arise as the hatch covers on the deck, crucial for keeping cargo secure, were found covered with a blue tarpaulin instead of being leak-proof.

Prof. Dr. Dobrucalı pointed out that the ship, laden with marble dust in supposedly leak-proof warehouses, might have encountered water ingress, leading to excessive weight. He emphasized that many old ships are still operational, but according to the SOLAS convention, commercial ships must undergo maintenance every 36 months. Only those ships that are maintained and certified can carry out commercial activities.

Regarding the Batuhan A, Prof. Dr. Dobrucalı emphasized that the ship cannot continue operations without proper maintenance. Despite its age, international agreements ensure the safety of life at sea, and ships are obligated to adhere to the SOLAS convention. Certification processes, involving hull, machinery, electrical surveys, as well as life rafts and life jackets checks, determine a ship's seaworthiness.

"Even if it's old, it's not too big a wavelength for this ship"

Dobrucalı expressed surprise as to why the ship's personnel did not take advantage of safety measures such as life rafts, especially when facing unsafe conditions.

The professor also evaluated the sea conditions during the Batuhan A's journey, noting that waves reached up to 3 meters. He explained that, based on images, the ship encountered challenges starting in the evening while sailing in a sea with a strength equivalent to 5 beaufort, which translates to a wavelength of approximately 2 and a half meters.

Houthis claim attack on Israeli and British vessels Houthis claim attack on Israeli and British vessels

Despite the ship's age, these conditions should not have posed a significant threat. The ship's personnel had reportedly requested help over the radio, and emergency devices were available to ensure a timely response in case of sinking.