The incident occurred on Sunday in one of the cabins of the Sevmorput ship, currently docked in the northern Russian city of Murmansk, as confirmed by the emergency ministry. The fire, reaching a peak coverage of approximately 30 square meters (323 square feet), was promptly contained with no reported injuries, according to the ministry.

Atomflot, a subsidiary of the Rosatom state nuclear corporation responsible for Russia's nuclear icebreaker fleet, released a statement affirming the swift resolution of the fire. They emphasized that there was no threat to crucial support systems or the reactor plant.

The Murmansk region, located in Russia's northwest with borders shared with Finland and Norway, as well as access to the Barents and White seas, witnessed this incident involving the Sevmorput ship. This vessel, commissioned in 1988 and undergoing a comprehensive upgrade a decade ago, stands as Russia's sole nuclear-powered icebreaking transport ship, according to Rosatom.

As emergency crews effectively addressed the situation, ensuring the safety of both personnel and the vessel, authorities remain vigilant about maintaining the security of nuclear-powered maritime assets. Stay tuned for further updates on this incident and its implications for Russia's nuclear icebreaker operations.