The 1971-built dry cargo ship,  "BATUHAN A," has sunk in the Sea of Marmara, southwest of İmralı Island. The vessel, reportedly carrying a crew of six Turkish citizens, is currently the focus of intensive rescue efforts.

At night, the teams descended to the ship, which was 51 meters deep, with an underwater robot and looked inside.

There is still no news from the 6 crew members on board the ship loaded with marble powder that sank off İmralı Island after getting caught in a storm after setting off from the Marmara Island district of Balıkesir.

The ship had been spotted yesterday on the sea bottom by sonar.

The sunken ship is detected

Sonar images of the cargo ship Batuhan A, which sank in the Sea of Marmara, on the seabed at a depth of 51 meters.

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Search operations continued throughout the night. With the first light of the day, search efforts from the air, land, and sea accelerated again.

In addition, it is estimated that the crew was not inside the ship when the underwater robot descended to a depth of 51 meters where the ship was submerged at night.

The video shows the last condition of Batuhan A (Sunken Ship) which was shared by one of the members who was onboard before the ship sank.