Somali pirates recently hijacked the Bangladeshi-flagged Abdullah bulk carrier, raising concerns about further attacks off the Horn of Africa. Despite no ransom demands yet, the 23 abducted crew members' safety remains a priority. The shipowner confirmed crew safety but worries persist.

With international navies considering rescue operations, pirates have fortified the Abdullah and nearby coastal positions, even installing anti-aircraft weaponry. Last weekend, the Indian Navy successfully rescued 17 crew members from another seized ship, the Malta-flagged Ruen, and arrested 35 pirates.

Iran claims maritime laws violation by MSC Aries Vessel Iran claims maritime laws violation by MSC Aries Vessel

Some Somali pirates, taking advantage of Houthi strikes to the north, are resuming piracy after nearly a decade of dormancy. Maritime security firms report an increase in pirate activity, with more dhows setting out to sea for potential hijackings.

New data from BIMCO reveals that 13% of world seaborne trade faces threats from both Houthi attacks in Yemen and Somali pirates, underscoring the ongoing maritime security challenges.