Named VB TRAGEN by its new owner, this tugboat follows the delivery of two tractor tugs, VB HORUS and VB AMON, in November of the previous year. These initial deliveries marked the beginning of Sanmar's collaboration with Boluda.

The recently delivered VB TRAGEN, built in 2022, was previously part of the Sanmar fleet and is based on the highly successful RAmparts 2400-SX design by Robert Allan, tailored to meet Sanmar's specific requirements.

Designed for optimal performance, the tugboat has a length of 24.4 meters (excluding fenders), a beam of 11.25 meters, a depth of 4.38 meters, and a maximum draft of 5.25 meters. Notably, VB TRAGEN boasts an impressive towing force of at least 80 tons and a speed of 12.5 knots.

Rüçhan Çıvgın, the Commercial Director of Sanmar Shipyards, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "Boluda is a key player in our industry, and we are pleased to have them as our new customer. Meeting the operational needs of our customers and fostering close cooperation to develop new business relationships is always a privilege."