UK Navy to deploy laser weapon by 2027 UK Navy to deploy laser weapon by 2027

This strategic move followed a "massive" missile attack on the occupied peninsula just hours earlier.

The targeted vessel, identified as Russia's guided missile ship, the "Ivanovets," reportedly sustained multiple hits to its hull before sinking in the harbor of Lake Donuzlav, Crimea's deepest lake, according to Ukraine's Defense Intelligence.

Footage provided by Ukraine depicted naval drones racing towards the Russian ship, detonating on impact and causing substantial damage. The video concluded with the ship appearing to have sunk, with only its bow remaining above water. However, CNN could not independently verify Ukraine's claims, and the specific vessel hit and the timing of the strike remain unclear from the footage.

As of now, Russia's Defense Ministry, the Kremlin, and other officials from Russia have not issued any comments regarding the incident.

This recent sinking adds to a series of Ukrainian strikes on Russia's Black Sea Fleet, reflecting Ukraine's determination to deliver both strategic and symbolic blows against Russian forces that annexed Crimea in 2014.

Previous strikes, such as the April 2022 attack on the Moskva, compelled Russia to alter its operations near Ukrainian-controlled areas. The Moskva gained notoriety for threatening to bomb Snake Island in the Black Sea, prompting a defiant response from Ukrainian soldiers.

The strike on the Ivanovets unfolded shortly after Ukraine launched a barrage of missiles at Crimea on Wednesday. Ukraine's Air Force Commander characterized the attack as part of "the cleansing of Crimea from the Russian presence."

Of the 20 airborne guided missiles launched, Russian air defenses reportedly intercepted 17 over the Black Sea and three more over the peninsula. Some of the missiles were allegedly intercepted near the Belbek airfield, situated close to the city of Sevastopol.