UK Navy to deploy laser weapon by 2027 UK Navy to deploy laser weapon by 2027

The Royal Navy reportedly publicized a key position through social media in the previous month, facing internal challenges in filling the role, according to military insiders.

Insiders reveal that the Royal Navy was compelled to publish the recruitment announcement on LinkedIn due to the ongoing recruitment predicament within Britain's armed forces.

"Unseen and unimpeded, the silent strength safeguarding from beneath the waves. The Royal Navy is seeking applications for the role of Director of Submarines, overseeing highly confidential stealth, specialized operations, and Trident, our nuclear deterrent. Applicants are required to be a part of the reserves forces or possess prior service with the regular forces. Know someone up for the task?" stated the advertisement.

The chosen candidate would assume responsibility for "specialized operations" and the country's nuclear deterrent.

Following the Royal Navy's resort to social media for one of the top naval positions due to the inability to identify a suitable internal candidate, numerous experts and users criticized the decision.

This development coincides with reports indicating that the British Navy recently decommissioned two of its warships due to a shortage of sailors.