Port of Rotterdam Authority has appointed two distinguished professionals, Thecla Bodewes and Jacqueline Prins, to its Supervisory Board. The appointments reflect a strategic decision to enhance expertise in the maritime sector, technology, innovation, sustainability, and diversity.

Thecla Bodewes, a seventh-generation shipbuilder, brings a wealth of experience as the CEO of Thecla Bodewes Shipyards Group, a renowned family business comprising four shipyards. Her extensive involvement in maritime environmental strategy and various non-executive roles in the sector positions her as a valuable addition to the board.

Jacqueline Prins, the current General Director/Secretary of the Netherlands Social and Economic Council, contributes her expertise in policy creation for socioeconomic concerns. Her multifaceted roles in the public-private domain, including directorships and supervisory board memberships, align with the Port of Rotterdam Authority's commitment to societal tasks and diversity.

Miriam Maes, Chair of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, expressed enthusiasm about the appointments, emphasizing the pivotal role Bodewes and Prins will play in steering the port through its transition to a digital and climate-neutral future. Their extensive knowledge and experience are expected to add significant value to the board's strategic initiatives.