The White House stated on Monday that discussions were under preparation regarding the creation of the task force. Pentagon press secretary Brig. General Pat Ryder affirmed the Defense Department's commitment to taking action, emphasizing collaboration with regional partners and allies. However, the specifics of how this task force differs from the existing one remain still not fixed.

It is said that a framework for such a task force already exists through the combined maritime task force, established in 2001 with 39 member nations to address counter-terrorism and counter-piracy efforts in the Middle East waters. Among its five task forces, Combined Task Force 153 has been dedicated to Red Sea maritime security since 2022.

While Ryder admitted ongoing talks, he did not disclose the names of supporting countries. Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh refused the idea of deploying Marines to board commercial vessels for protection, responding to past reports of such considerations in response to Iranian threats in the Arabian Sea.

Speaking about recent Houthi attacks against Israeli vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Ryder refrained from speculating on potential strikes. Although Houthis stated vowing to impede Israeli ships until Gaza Strip aggression ceases, Ryder maintained that the conflict in Gaza has been contained, although elements in Iraq and Syria are attempting to exploit the situation.

As the situation evolves, the Pentagon monitors all threats to international shipping and tries to respond strategically to ensure maritime security in the Red Sea which is vital for international trade.