The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) reported that one of its ships patrolling the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) encountered approximately eight Indian vessels engaged in illegal fishing activities well within Pakistani waters. It was also stated by the Indian media that two Indian fishermen were missing.

Upon being approached by the PMSA ship, one of the fishing boats attempted to flee towards Indian waters, ignoring repeated verbal warnings and instructions to stop. Eventually, the fishing vessel slowed down, allowing a PMSA team to board.

However, the situation escalated when the fishing vessel suddenly accelerated and changed course, colliding with the PMSA ship. This resulted in the capsizing and sinking of the fishing vessel, with all personnel onboard, including PMSA boarding team members and fishermen, thrown into the sea.

Efforts were made by the PMSA ship to rescue those involved. While five out of seven Indian fishermen and four PMSA personnel were successfully rescued, tragically, one PMSA sailor, identified as Muhammad Rehan, lost his life. Additionally, two Indian fishermen remain missing at sea.

Incidents involving the arrest of fishermen by both India and Pakistan for allegedly crossing maritime borders are not uncommon. However, efforts are typically made by both countries to negotiate the release of prisoners, with some being released annually.

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The incident underscores the ongoing tensions between the two nuclear-armed South Asian neighbors, stemming primarily from the disputed region of Kashmir.