OSG, facing challenges in recruiting American seafarers, sees Starlink as a valuable tool to attract and retain mariners. Recognizing the importance of reliable internet access at sea, Starlink will provide OSG's seafarers with consistent high-speed connectivity, allowing for video calls, access to streaming shows, social media, and general-purpose internet use.

Patrick O'Halloran, OSG Chief Operations Officer, emphasized the crew's input in identifying the importance of this service. "Our crew identified this as important, and we listened. The goal of the Starlink install was to enhance vessel communications and improve our crew’s ability to connect with family and friends. Our seafarers are the greatest asset we possess, and we are glad to support them on this," said O'Halloran. He also noted that the implementation of Starlink will position OSG as a forward-thinking organization.

The move aligns OSG with global deep-sea vessel owners and operators like Seaspan, Eastern Pacific, Columbia Shipmanagement, and Anglo-Eastern, all of whom are leveraging Starlink to stay competitive. Seaspan is already rolling out Starlink across its extensive boxship fleet, and Anglo-Eastern reported its 100th installation in September, with an overwhelmingly positive response from both operations and crew wellbeing.

Starlink's presence has expanded beyond the cargo industry, becoming a standard feature in the cruise industry since last year. Carnival, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Hurtigruten, Silversea, Windstar, and other cruise lines have shifted to Starlink for its high bandwidth and low latency, enhancing the passenger experience at sea.