CEO Lars Conradi Andersen expressed excitement about this move, highlighting its potential for more efficient and eco-friendly operations.

The vessel, slated for delivery in 2026, will boast innovative solutions that drastically reduce energy consumption compared to current standards. Equipped with dual-fuel methanol engines and battery packs, it aims to meet future emissions requirements. Notably, all offshore lifting equipment, including a 250 T crane, operates on electric power, which also feeds back into the vessel's batteries.

Designed by Skipsteknisk in collaboration with Rem and Myklebust, the vessel features a spacious working deck of over 1,400 m2 and is prepared for the installation of an offshore gangway for use in offshore wind projects.

The contract with Myklebust Verft, which includes an option for another vessel, underscores the commitment to environmentally friendly practices. CEO Leiv Sindre Muren expressed pride in being chosen for this project, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the local community.

This initiative reflects a shared dedication to sustainability and innovation in the maritime industry, paving the way for more eco-conscious vessels and operations in the future.