Below is the statement which was published by based on Mefa Shipping Agency managing M/V Chona.

“Succession of Prophet”

"As it can be understood from the captain's report and the minutes that have been / will be submitted to the judicial authorities, Mehmet Ali Korkmaz, whose statements are published in the news content, has acted in a way that endangers the safety of himself and the ship's personnel. He is a problematic personality who introduces himself as a succession of Prophet " and asks for his hand to be kissed. He walked around the ship naked, drank alcohol during working hours and showed the "razor wounds" on his body during an argument with the captain. The person concerned attacked the captain and the people around him with a box cutter he took out of his pocket, the box cutter was taken from his hand and the person.

"After the incident, the Ukrainian Police was notified at the port where the ship was moored and the police handcuffed the person, and after consultations with the security forces, it was reported that the only way for the person to return to the country was to return to the country on the same ship. It was then decided to hand Mehmet Ali Korkmaz over to the security forces in the country. In order to ensure the safety of the ship and crew, Ukrainian security forces handcuffed him behind his back and took him to the secure storage area on the main deck."

"It is clear that the ship's captain is the sole authority of the ship to ensure the safety of the ship and its crew, and that no inhumane or contrary to personal rights action has been taken against the person for whom security measures have been taken, and all actions taken have remained within the legal authority and limits."