Turkdeniz.com published an exclusive interview with company staff on their website.

The company staff says, "The Turkish flagged MV KURUOGLU-3, owned by our company, docked at Kherson Port on 22.02.2022 to discharge 2800 m tons of bulk UREA cargo and had been stranded in the port for 2 years due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

On 27.02.2024, our ship was hit on the starboard side by 2 missiles, which we think came from Russia, and our ship started to take water. Our ship is holding on to the pier with the help of ropes and it is a matter of time before the ropes break and our ship sinks."

12 Turkish ships are stranded

Turkish sailors have been unable to return home for months due to the Russian threat in the Black Sea. Stranded in Ukrainian ports after the Russian invasion, 12 Turkish ships and their crews have been waiting to be rescued for nearly 2 years.

Orion S is one of the Turkish ships anchored in Nikolayev Port. They could not sail because they were not part of the grain corridor. The captain of the ship stated that the ship could not be evacuated due to the threat of mines.