Reviva Refit leverages Mengi Yay's extensive heritage in yacht construction and refitting. Operating from a 40,000 square meter facility, Reviva Refit positions itself as a leading global destination for superyacht refits and custom builds.

Reviva Refit's strategic locations throughout Turkey, including Didim, Ada Shipyard, Aykin Shipyard, and Kiyi Istanbul Marina, enhance its leadership in the yacht refitting industry. The collaboration with Mengi Yay brings together over 250 professionals committed to precision, flexibility, and innovation. The company has been recognized with over 35 awards, highlighting its high standards of craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

With a history of over 210 new builds, Reviva Refit has handled various complex refit projects, including the notable 60m Grand Rusalina. To date, the brand has completed 13 significant refits and is offering two additional slots for the fall season of 2024.

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Brokers and yacht owners are encouraged to consider Reviva Refit for their next refit project, promising a blend of tradition and modernity in yacht refurbishment.

Editor: Kemal Can Kayar