This innovative project aims to revolutionize maritime transport by leveraging biomass pellets, primarily sourced from sawmill and forestry residues in Canada and the southern United States.

UAE's EDGE and Italy's Fincantieri Launch MAESTRAL shipbuilding venture UAE's EDGE and Italy's Fincantieri Launch MAESTRAL shipbuilding venture

Currently, biomass pellets are transported using smaller handysize bulkers. These vessels, due to their limited fuel tank capacity, struggle to switch to low-emission fuels such as ammonia. The collaboration under the MOU will focus on pioneering new shipping technology, including the development of an on-board biomass fuel plant essential for powering the bioship.

Central to the project is a biomass fuel plant that utilizes a gasifier to combust biomass at high temperatures, generating gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane. These gases will then power a generator to propel the ship and supply part of its internal energy needs. According to NYK, integrating a biomass fuel plant could reduce well-to-wake carbon emissions by 22% compared to traditional fossil fuels.

Beyond the core technology, the partnership will explore additional renewable technologies to further cut emissions and fuel costs associated with shipping biomass. If the research and development phase proves successful, the companies aim to have the first bioship constructed by the end of 2029.