Workers at Eilat Port in southern Israel are facing job cuts due to recent attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, says an Israeli labor union. The Histadrut Labor Federation revealed that port management plans to let go of half of its 120 employees.

In response, dock workers are set to protest against these layoffs. The situation has been tense due to attacks by the Houthi group in Yemen. They've been targeting ships owned by Israeli companies or those transporting goods to and from Israel in solidarity with Gaza.

Recent airstrikes by the US and UK against Houthi sites in Yemen have escalated tensions further. The Houthis have retaliated by declaring American and British ships as military targets.

Adding to the tension, the Israeli army confirmed that a cruise missile, likely fired by the Houthis, hit an area near Eilat after crossing into Israeli airspace.

Liverpool Cruise Port stays with current management Liverpool Cruise Port stays with current management

The Red Sea is a crucial route for oil and fuel shipments, making these developments of significant concern for maritime operations in the region.