The Indian Navy, under the leadership of Admiral R Hari Kumar, has started a robust response to combat piracy and drone threats in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Currently, six warships are engaged in anti-piracy and anti-drone operations, with plans to increase the fleet further pending government clearance.

Admiral R Hari Kumar highlighted the Navy's existing anti-drone capabilities, which include GPS jammers, surface-to-air missile systems, and laser devices.

Efforts are underway to equip additional warships with these capabilities, reinforcing the Navy's commitment to enhancing its defensive measures.

Addressing a recent successful operation to rescue 15 Indians from the hijacked vessel MV Lila Norfolk in the Arabian Sea, Admiral Kumar emphasized the Navy's dedication to safeguarding its citizens, regardless of the flag the vessel flies.

He stated similar humanitarian efforts in Sudan and Ukraine, showcasing the Navy's commitment to national policy.

The Navy Chief underscored the importance of preventing piracy in the Indian Ocean region, stating that directives have been issued to Naval officers to take decisive action against piracy threats. The goal is to maintain safety and security in the region.

Regarding the sanitization operation conducted by Marine Commandos on the hijacked vessel MV Lila Norfolk, Admiral R Hari Kumar revealed that the Pirates fled the ship upon seeing Indian Navy aircraft and drones. The Marines then conducted a thorough inspection to ensure the vessel's safety.

Admiral Kumar credited the Indian government for enacting the anti-piracy act, emphasizing its significance in providing legal backing to combat piracy effectively. He highlighted that this legislation sets India apart, as only a few countries worldwide have such comprehensive anti-piracy laws.

The recent hijacking incident involved the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier MV Lila Norfolk, which was en route from Port Du Aco in Brazil to Khalifa Bin Salman in Bahrain when it was attacked by pirates 300 nautical miles east of Somalia. The Indian Navy swiftly responded, deploying Maritime Patrol Aircraft and redirecting INS Chennai for assistance after a message on the UKMTO portal indicating boarding by approximately five to six unknown armed personnel on Thursday evening.