According to Mohammed Abdulsalam, the group's spokesman, the strikes will not deter their unwavering support for Gaza. Abdulsalam emphasized, "We affirm that there is absolutely no justification for this aggression against Yemen, as there was no threat to international navigation in the Red and Arabian Seas."

He further asserted that the targeting would continue specifically against Israeli ships or those en route to the ports of occupied Palestine.

In response to the air strikes, Richard Marles, the Defence Minister of Australia, described them as "very important actions." Marles disclosed Australia's involvement, stating that personnel had been deployed to the operational headquarters, emphasizing the significance of the decision in ensuring freedom of navigation and maintaining global trade.

Australia's role, according to Marles, is pivotal to the nation's interests, as the air strikes aim to safeguard navigation in the seas.

The strikes are carried out by countries led by The US and UK military forces collaborating in launching the strikes against multiple Houthi targets in Yemen, a robust response following repeated warnings about the consequences Houthi would face for their drone and missile attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea.