According to EU's anti-piracy operation EUNAVFOR, approximately 12 suspected pirates boarded the Abdullah.

Thankfully, the crew of the Abdullah is safe for now. However, worries are mounting that the hijacked vessel could be turned into a "mothership" for launching further attacks on merchant ships, warns British maritime security firm Ambrey.

The Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) has been sounding alarms about increased piracy activity in the Indian Ocean. They've highlighted that pirates are likely using "Mother Boats" to search for vulnerable targets in less-patrolled areas, especially during favorable sea conditions. These pirates typically approach ships to assess if they have armed security teams on board.

The distinctive Ruen, with its black hull, red deck, and yellow smokestack adorned with a red stripe, was spotted sailing eastward southeast of Eyl, Somalia.

This hijacking marks the first successful seizure by Somali pirates since 2017 when international naval efforts had significantly reduced piracy activities in the region.