Despite identifying the location of the ship at a depth of 51 meters in the Marmara Sea on the second day of the sinking, divers attempting a rescue operation in the evening hours were unable to reach the area due to strong currents and the storm. The search efforts are set to continue tomorrow.

In the initial moments of the sinking, Hüseyin Tutuk, who replaced Doğuşcan Yaylak as the new oiler on board, recorded horrifying moments during his first journey, following a video previously released where Yaylak was mentioned among the missing crew but later clarified that he did not board the ship.

Hüseyin Tutuk captured the moments when the ship began to sink, praying as waves engulfed the vessel, in a video sent to his wife, Filiz Tutuk. In the recording presumed to be taken around 04:30 in the morning, Tutuk described changing his clothes multiple times since 01:00 due to getting wet and pleaded, "Oh God, help us. We've been in the same place for 6 hours. Oh God, the ship is sinking. Oh God, help us." The video ends abruptly as waves completely cover the ship. Since then, there has been no further communication with the dry cargo ship or Hüseyin Tutuk.

The Interior and Transportation Ministries have initiated an investigation into the footage, revealing Hüseyin Tutuk's lack of a life jacket, and the presence of a blue tarpaulin covering the cargo hatches, despite being prohibited by new regulations to prevent water intake. These details highlight concerns about the adequacy of both the ship and personnel for the stormy conditions.