The Greek government, approving its participation in the EU naval mission named Eunavfor Aspides, highlighted the need to protect Greek-owned commercial vessels facing disruptions due to Houthi attacks.

The decision comes as several commercial shippers altered their routes following recent Houthi attacks. The EU mission, also involving France, Germany, and Italy, aims to shield merchant vessels from threats but avoids engaging in strikes against Houthi forces on land.

Greece's Defence Minister, Nikos Dendias, proposed the country's involvement in the mission, emphasizing its importance as Houthi actions have impacted activities at Piraeus, Greece's largest port.

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The Greek government stressed the necessity of participating in the mission, especially since many Greece-owned merchant vessels have suffered significant damages in Yemen since November 2023.

The mission, known by the code "Aspides," derived from the Greek word for shields, focuses on intercepting attacks against commercial vessels. Greece's engagement is seen as crucial to ensuring the safety of its maritime interests in the region.