The Laax was first hit 85km southwest of the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah. Following this attack, the ship issued a distress call, reporting damage to its cargo hold and water ingress.

Vessels delivering aid to Gaza via U.S.-built pier run aground Vessels delivering aid to Gaza via U.S.-built pier run aground

 A second missile strike occurred later on Tuesday evening, 61km northwest of Al Mocha, Yemen, according to the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO). This strike caused additional damage.

 Greek shipping sources indicate that the Laax is heading to a nearby port to assess the extent of the damage. Despite listing, the crew is reported to be safe, and the vessel is continuing to its next port of call.

The Houthi rebels, controlling much of southern and central Yemen, have not yet commented on the attack. Since November, this Iran-backed group has targeted international shipping in the Red Sea, citing support for Palestinians and opposition to Israel's actions in Gaza as their motivation.

Despite US and UK airstrikes on Houthi positions in Yemen, attacks on ships in the Red Sea persist. On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for an end to these attacks on civilian ships, expressing China's readiness to play a constructive role.

Most Houthi missile attacks have not sunk their targets, often being repelled by US-led maritime forces. However, in March, the freighter MV Rubymar sank after being struck by two missiles, raising environmental concerns due to its cargo of fertilizer potentially harming the Red Sea's delicate marine ecosystem.

Editor: Kemal Can Kayar