In the footage, a helicopter from the French frigate tracked a slow-moving Houthi drone as it approached shipping lanes. The helicopter's door gunner successfully shot down the drone, demonstrating a cost-effective solution compared to using expensive Aster air-defense missiles.

By utilizing the helicopter chase method, the cost of intercepting the drone was reduced significantly. With each round costing around $0.50-1.00 and factoring in the helicopter's hourly operating cost of $5-10,000, the expense was notably lower than using the frigate's sophisticated missiles. This innovative approach offers a practical solution to the ongoing challenge posed by Houthi drone attacks in the Red Sea.

France's involvement in the Red Sea air defense mission falls under the EU's Operation Aspides, a defensive coalition operating separately from the U.S.-led Operation Prosperity Guardian. This development underscores the importance of adaptive strategies in countering evolving threats in maritime security.