In a recent case involving the Panama-flagged vessel Boshi 58, a serious incident occurred on May 25, 2023, when the pilot ladder broke while a pilot was trying to board the ship.

The Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA) revealed that both the ship's master and owner admitted guilt for not following regulations regarding pilot transfer arrangements. They were fined A$5,000 and A$32,000 respectively.

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During the prosecution, it was revealed that the pilot ladder had not been regularly checked and was improperly stored, making it unsafe for use.

AMSA's Executive Director of Operations, Michael Drake, emphasized the importance of properly maintaining, stowing, and rigging pilot ladders, highlighting the potentially fatal consequences of neglecting them. He reminded ship owners, operators, and masters that the safety of everyone using the pilot ladder is their responsibility.

In a similar incident in June 2023, AAL Dampier Navigation was fined A$30,500 after a pilot ladder failure resulted in a pilot being injured.