The Tasnim news agency released a video showcasing the launch, highlighting the munition's deployment from a 40-foot container and providing insights into its maximum length.

Analysts, relying on open-source intelligence, have identified the missile as a Dezful medium-range ballistic missile, boasting a claimed range of approximately 600 miles at a remarkable speed of Mach 7. Tasnim reported that the missile precisely hit a target site in the Iranian central desert, underscoring the nation's commitment to bolstering its security.

The launch platform, believed to be the Shahid Mahdavi, was once a Panamax container ship, repainted in military hues, and converted for military use in 2023. Operated by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a branch of the Iranian military designated as a terrorist group by the U.S., the vessel adds a mobile dimension to Iran's ballistic missile capabilities.

While the Dezful is traditionally a surface-to-surface weapon, Iran has also developed anti-ship ballistic missile technology. Notably, this technology has found its way to Yemen's Houthi militants, who have deployed over a dozen anti-ship ballistic missiles in hostile engagements in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea since November.

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The use of this class of munitions in hostile encounters represents a notable escalation, challenging the traditional boundaries of conflict in maritime regions. "Nowhere is safe for those powers who seek to threaten our security," declared IRGC commander Hossein Salami, emphasizing Iran's determination to protect its interests.