Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation has entered a shipbuilding contract for six methanol-fueled tankers with Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry.

Greek-owned fleet hits record high in 2024 Greek-owned fleet hits record high in 2024

The agreement includes the construction of three 114,200 dwt methanol-fueled Aframax tankers at Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry’s Yangzhou yard. These vessels, measuring 248.8 meters in length and 44 meters in width, mark the company's initial foray into methanol dual-fuel vessel orders.

Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry’s Dalian yard will build a pair of methanol-ready 64,900 dwt Panamax tankers and a 50,000 dwt MR tanker.

“To promote green and low-carbon energy-powered vessel development and improve competitiveness, the company is upgrading fleet via the investment in methanol-fuelled vessel, an exploration and practice on clean energy vessel market,” said Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation.